The unreal situation in the Spanish job market

I am a spaniard myself and sometimes I find myself looking for job offers in the Spanish job market, curiosity maybe -or maybe some deep hidden wishes to go back to the warm and sunny weather.

What I have noticed is that enterprises are even crazier than before. They ask for a master’s degree, a Phd., a minimum of 3 languages, and 5 years of experience or more, all that for 18,000 € a year. WTF? (sorry for my language).

What are they looking for? Do they want to attract the best of the best or just liars? If you have all these qualifications I am sure that you are not aiming to work for a medium enterprise –and even less for that salary. What does this say about these enterprises? A LOT. That they are just vultures.


I mean, if you are an enterprise in a country that is going through a humongous crisis, where the unemployment is almost 30%, where young professionals can not find a decent job or even a job and you, as a powerful enterprise -or not so powerful, you are asking for insane qualifications for little money and worse working environment, you are just ruthless. And when an enterprise has these kind of “values”, well, as sure as hell I do not want to work for them. And that is a problem, certainly, because in Spain young professional talent is treated like trash. Believe me, I know about that, my friends know about that.

So, what do many Spanish companies do? They do not know anything about organisational behaviour, communication management, strategic management, et cetera. They do not nurture their employees, they only support them while they are useful, they do not know about knowledge management and mentoring. That is a big problem. That is why we are behind. And it makes me sad, so sad, because we have so much potential and is all going to waste.

These communication management problems all come from the same place. Spanish enterprises values are just wrong, are so last century. So, if an enterprise’s values are wrong, even if you get new talent -eager to change and create new opportunities– you will corrupt this talent, or that or this new talent will fly away as soon as he/she gets a better offer. And then, we are back again to the start.

So my conclusion is that if you are looking for great talent, you should take a look at yourself. Which values do you have? Which values are you trying to communicate? Which values are you looking for in an employee? And then, with the answers, try to change something. You can not change the world if you can not change yourself -or your company.




The 20 most hated things in advertising

Amazing infographic as always from Eduardo Salles’ blog. You can see the original here.

From left to right, line by line:

  1. Fake testimonials / 8 out of 10 experts in something / Info-commercials / Spam.
  2. Sponsors in sport-clubs T-Shirts / Nasty images in pharmaceuticals (ewww!) / Jingles / Flyers.
  3. Pop ups that dodged pop-up blockers / Banners with sound (isn’t that annoying?!) /  Youtube ads / Any banner…
  4. Bots / Seasonal ads / Visual contamination (?) / Plagiarism.
  5. Old clichés / Without vs. with / Same old easy idioms / Repetitive ads.