Branding – J. Crew

While watching this interview I noticed that these two women are two standout examples of branding and the new social media era. It is amazing.

On the one hand, Ms. Doré. It is incredible how much bloggers have done or influenced the fashion and marketing worlds. Will it last? Good question. My opinion? Only the fittest will survive. We will get back to this in another post.

On the other hand, Ms. Lyons –I know she is not a blogger but she is almost as exposed as they are. She is the face of a masstige brand –and c’mon, when did a desginer of a masstige brand have a face? Uh? (A big hello to all Zara’s designers!!! -wink).

So, I guess the trick is to find your own “voice” –what does make your blog/brand unique. I guess it is a question of character. So guys/girls/ladies/gents, it is not only about writing and writing about stuff that many write about, but to write it from your own perspective. Sounds easy -ehem… But it is not.

Off I go! You can find me trying to find my “voice” -other two winks.

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