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When marketers approach bloggers they do it looking some popularity factors, comments, visits, et cetera. It is wrong. Some learn and do it the right way, some never learn.

Nowadays visits and comments in blogs are not representative. 90% of the comments are other bloggers trying to promote themselves to reach the level of popularity of the former. They do it because they pursue their own self-interest. They will not buy what the blogger is selling. They just wanna use her blog to sell theirs.

When I was working for a fashion brand, we approached a “super famous” blogger with more than 8,000 visits per day. We gave her clothes. The result after her first post? 0 sales. In comparison, I eyed a new blogger, she had barely 100 followers -now she has many many more. The result? 80+ pieces sold. Curious, uh? The trick is not in the visits, is in their influence.

And in another post I will speak more about how wrongly brands use bloggers as a marketing and advertising channel -how much wronger could it be? Not much, that is for sure. I made mistakes in the past but watching famous brands make the same ones now makes me cry. 

It is curious, but both bloggers are in this picture:


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